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Problems with concorde 2.0
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Author:  Reaptor [ Sun Jan 16, 2005 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Problems with concorde 2.0

Hi, i have downloded the "Concorde 2.0" map anh when im going to lay it, swat 3 chrash to detskop and a message thats reads "Error reading c_plate_private.tga" shows up. What should i do? I love maps when you´re on a flying plane or on a train thats moves (nightmare express).

BTW anybody here dosent know a map when you´re on a flying plane etc.?

Author:  [BBE] dpvu [ Mon Jan 17, 2005 7:48 am ]
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It's likely a conflict with another map. Remove all your other custom maps and see if it runs. You don't have to delete them, just move them out of the missions folder.

Author:  Copy-Cat [ Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:30 pm ]
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I hate it when this happens. Remember what the ModHQ says about sharing textures. Yeah it's a pain in the butt to rename all your textures, but it's worth it. Some maps don't even get played as much as expected because of errors such as these.

Problem: "Error reading XXX.tga"

Search your Missions for the name of the file with no extension. Once you have located the Mission causing the problem, Create a sub folder called "Missions2" and place that problematic mission in there.

1. This error happens when the engine is looking for a targa file as per the missionsprites.dat and somewhere else the file is a .bmp. Every map is loaded wether you play the map or not.
2. Creating a Missions2 folder should not create a problem because the .exe is looking for maps in a directory named Missions.

Permanent fixes:
It is not practical nor recommended to change someone else's work, because of CRC errors hindering the ability of joining games but in my opinion since these maps are no longer being hosted nor being updated by the creators, Someone should consider fixing these issues and reposting versions on a massive webhost.


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